As loose equipment, the patented CUPINSERTS® quickly adapt to fit nearly any cup holder with an inside diameter
ranging from 2.75” to 3.50” and an inside depth of 0.75” or deeper. You can now maximize the use of existing cup holders by better securing a wide variety of items including stemware, wine bottles, glassware, flower vases, lights, bowls or any other custom design. Without the need for certification, CUPINSERTS® can be installed by anyone and removed within seconds. No modifications to existing cup holders or surfaces are required. At Techno Aerospace®, we’re able to apply any of our finishes to your CUPINSERTS® products. This allows the application of Authentíque®, Styllos® and /or Techno Coatings® plating into your designs, creating a personalized touch throughout the cabin. CUPINSERTS® products are made in the U.S.A., assembled by us and shipped to you ready for use.

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For questions, pricing or to place an order, please contact the New Products Manager :

Judd Starr
P:  775-772-5230